Check our current opportunities below, then click here to download our volunteer application.  

Please print out application, complete and return to the front of the Marion Public Main Library

or mail to BookMarks Volunteers, c/o Marion Public Library, 445 E. Church St. Marion OH 43302.

BookMarket shop Volunteers

The shop is up and running but to offer regular hours we need volunteers.  We hold training sessions and shadowing experiences so you feel comfortable to help.  Shifts are listed below.  Think about volunteering once a week, every other week or once a month.  Easy to do and lots of fun.  If you are interested in helping in the shop please contact us by email.

Shifts that we would like to be open on a regular basis

Monday- Thursday    10 am- 1 pm  or 1- 4 pm

Friday - Saturday    10 am- 1 pm  or 1-3:30 pm

Book Sorting Volunteers 

Do you love being knee deep in books and organizing them for others to buy?  We always have books to sort and put into boxes by genre and subjects.  This is a year around activity.  It can be a little dirty at times, but fun.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.  We would appreciate your help!

Be an Part of One of Our Committees

As a new organization we need your ideas and input to create a strong friends group 

that represents who our members are and what they love to do.

Here are some of those committees and their projects.


We are looking for people who know and understand how important a supporting friends group is to our library and want to encourage others to be a part of this support group.  Our membership committee looks at ways of building our numbers, retaining them and engaging them in activities that support the library and let our members have a good time.  It can be letter writing, envelope stuffing,  making phone calls, entering information into our databases and look at way to attract new audiences we haven't reach yet.  If you are interested in membership, contact us and let us know you are interested in Membership.


Think about helping with some of this projects- Facebook postings, newsletter articles, website articles, email blasts and postings.  We have so many ways to reach our membership.  We also have so much to promote, including our events, being a BookMark, our BookMarket and the many programs the library offers.   If you are interested in communications, contact us and let us know you are interested in Communications.


Are you interested in building a strong, vibrant organization?  Do you love the Marion Public Library and want to help support its programs and services?  Then think about becoming a BookMarks board member. When opportunities open on the board we look to those people who are involved in our organizations and committees to build our strong leadership.  Consider being part of our committees, chair one or submitting your name for a possible board position by contacting us. 


We are looking for people with ideas, who want to help set up, tear down, work with caterers.  We want to have fun, creative events that engage our members and potential members.  For example we have recently hosted a murder mystery.  We needed volunteers to be actors, to get a caterer and work with them, create table decorations, and finally to set up the tables and tear them down.  This is just one type of event and we are looking for ideas for events.  If you are interested in events, contact us and let us know you are interested in Events.


Do you like to help organize groups of people to tackle a project?  The Volunteer committee looks at coordinating our efforts and focusing our small but growing volunteer corp to tackle different projects.  We even use free software - Doodle-to help with our scheduling of our helping hands.  We need people to keep our corp's paperwork completed, track their hours and fill other committees' volunteer requests with potential volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteers, contact us and let us know you are interested in Volunteers.


Beyond the help in the shop we also need people to help review consignment items for display and help with our retail buying committees.  This is small at this time but hopefully will build.  Our shop volunteer handle sales, restock shelves and help buying patrons. If you are interested in retail, contact us and let us know you are interested in  Retail. 


Bookworms Herb Club  

Learn more about becoming part of the Bookworms Herb Club

BookMarks: a Marion Public Library friends group 

445 East Church Street, Marion, OH 43302


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